Sign up to our First Friday food donation programme and help us provide food to people in crisis in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and the surrounding areas.

Are you a business or group that buys bulk food for your employees or members? Do you regularly stock the canteen? Can you add some extra items and donate to Nourish?

Demand has gone up incredibly since our inception in 2012 and we need much more food to meet demand. There are items that we regularly run out of like cereal, coffee, tea, tinned fish etc… and regular donations mean that we can provide a full and balanced foodbag to all our beneficiaries.

So what is First Friday?

We would like the First Friday of every month to become a regular donation day throughout Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and the local area. We will provide you by email our most wanted items list a couple of days before which you can distribute to your employees and then they can donate these items on the First Friday of the month.

We can provide you with posters and a collection box for your business.

We will arrange collection of the items at a time convenient to you and the food will be weighed into our food storage unit at Big Yellow. We will provide you with updates of amounts collected if needed.

Show that #OurTownCares and sign up today


Searchpress is one company that donates regularly and here is why…

To donate online please do so using the Paypal button below.