Help us support those in crisis in Tunbridge Wells, South Tonbridge and the surrounding areas by donating a Meal-A-Month or by Buying-A-Bag!

It really is a case of "this could happen to anyone". Crisis situations can appear from nowhere. They could even be happening to people you know, in your family or in your street.

We have seen a sustained increase in the use of foodbanks in the UK and, in such a wealthy area as Tunbridge Wells, some people still cannot afford to put food on the table. In both Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, over 16%1 of households are living in poverty with the overall percentage of children living under the relative poverty line in Tunbridge Wells increasing again in 2015 to 17.54%.2 In certain areas of the town this can be as high as 31%.3

In 2016-2017, Nourish provided over 41,000 meals to people in emergency situations, an increase of 47% on the previous year. The vast majority of people who receive a three-day emergency supply of food from Nourish are working people, but who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship as a result of issues such as benefit changes, domestic violence or sickness.

On average, the cost of providing each meal is £3*. A small monthly donation, the equivalent of a large takeaway cup of coffee, will enable us to carry on providing food to people in crisis, by contributing towards food supplies and running costs, such as storage, food collections and deliveries

Each foodbag contains enough food for 9 meals and, for two-thirds of people that Nourish supports, a single bag is all that is needed to help them over a hard time. As a registered charity, it has a stated aim of not encouraging dependency and only provides a maximum of 12 foodbags per annum to a single household, with those who require additional support signposted to other partner agencies and organisations.

As we have grown over 60% in the past two years, this has created its own challenges in simply making sure we meet the needs of everyone in the community who needs help. This £3 a month helps ensure we continue to be here to provide what has become an essential service in the area.

To sign up to donate £3 to cover a Meal-A-Month, £10 to cover fresh food vouchers or £27 for a Bag-A-Month, click on the CAF link below to set up a direct debit instruction or fill in our standing order form and return it to us. (Please do not send it to your bank). Adding gift aid means we get an extra 25p for every £1 donation, making donations go even further.

You can also use the CAF link for a one off donation.

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1. Office for National Statistics

2. HMRC data 2011 ( , End Child Poverty 2016.

3. (November 2016)

*. On average, it has cost Nourish £3 to provide each meal during the period from November 2012 to March 2016. This is the true cost if all food had to be purchased, with any food donations reducing this average cost.

Set up a Direct Debit

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