Turn Pennies to Plates for hungry children this summer

We are asking you to donate your spare pennies to provide meals for hungry children over the summer holidays in our new Pennies to Plates appeal. By downloading a paper moneybox template, filling it full of pennies and donating to Nourish, we can ensure we have enough funds to feed children who are missing out on free school meals during the holiday period.

“Almost half of people Nourish helps are children under 18 years of age,” says Operations Manager Dawn Stanford. “We were surprised at how many families needed our help last year because they struggled with the increased cost of feeding children who are no longer benefitting from free school meals or breakfast clubs. We provided 234 three-day emergency foodbags to children and their families, specifically referred to use because of the risk of going hungry during the holiday period. That was 2,106 family meals in total. ”

Each meal we provide is worth around £3 and we are hoping to raise £6,318 to feed the same number of children, and their families, this summer. Just giving up a cup of takeaway coffee and donating the money to us means a child in need gets a meal to help see them through the summer.

Can your school/church/business/organisation help us reach our target? All you have to do is encourage pupils/congregation/staff/members to download a paper money box template, fill it full of coins and donate the money to Nourish. Or, alternatively, organise a fundraising event and donate the monies to Nourish – you can download our fun fundraising pack for inspiration!

To get involved with our Pennies to Plates appeal:

  • Fill it full of pennies  - notes are also acceptable!
  • Donate your money by:
    • Taking full boxes and a fundraising paying-in form to the Metro Bank in Tunbridge Wells on the weekend of July 14th and 15th to be counted and donated to Nourish. For schools, a special donation session is available on Friday July 13th between 10am-2pm
    • Making an online donation at: www.nourishcommunityfoodbank.org.uk/give-money
    • Paying by cheque and sending, along with the fundraising paying-in form, to the YMCA Warehouse, 14-18 Goods Station Road, Tunbridge Wells.
  • Spread the word by downloading our poster and displaying it at your place of work, school, club or church.
  • Take a picture and tweet your moneybox to @nourishfoodbank using the hashtags #penniestoplates and #holidayhunger.

For those who wish to support Nourish year-round, signing up to support Nourish’s Meal-a-Month campaign means £3 a month will cover the costs of providing a meal for one child in crisis in our local community.* Alternatively, £27 a month will buy an emergency foodbag containing enough food for nine meals. Please see here for details.



*On average, it has cost Nourish £3 to provide each meal during the period from November 2012 to March 2017. This is the true cost if all food had to be purchased, with any food donations reducing this average cost.


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To donate online please do so using the Paypal button below.